Pocket integration?


Can Brave partner with Pocket so BAT tokens can go to the articles I read?


It’s a good idea… I was thinking of something similar with FEEDLY, the RSS reader, as that is really a heavy use platform for interacting with online content. But most of these bookmarking sites would be nice to see on a BAT roadmap… not sure one exists or if there is a submission somewhere.


I’d like to add my support to this feature!

I currently use Pocket (https://getpocket.com/) to save articles for later, but I want to make sure the writers and publishers are getting there BAT. Currently, when you open an article in Pocket, it shows a stripped-down version of the text (removing ads and other site content). I like viewing in this stripped down reader, as I can customize it for easy reading, but spending time in this mode only racks up time for getpocket.com in my Brave Payments list, not the publisher. It would be great if the system implemented for videos on YouTube and Twitch were also applied to this type of content.

My current solution is to turn BAT off for Pocket, and to click the link to open the original article’s page to make sure they get my time and my tokens.