Plupload not working in Brave


Brave is my preferered browser now Mozilla is messing with our Privacy. Everything works great, except for 1 thing. Client side image shrinking that is.
I run a forum that uses the PHPBB forum software. My users upload images using a page enabled by pupload.js
More info at: Pupload functionality is standard embedded in PHPBB.
The JS file enables the forum to do client side image shrinking, resulting in small images on the forum and enabling users to upload big images. Although they get shrunken on the client, the users don’t know about that.

This works in all major browsers except on Brave.
I do get a message in de Brave console stating: plupload.full.min.js:15 [Violation] ‘load’ handler took 195ms

Being able to utilize this functionality on Brave, would make it the ultimate browser. If I can be of any help for additional troubleshooting and debugging, please ask me.

Keep up the good work.