Pls add india as in supported country (Gemini)

pls add india in supported list because india is the main part of brave .so do the needful as soon as possible

They are working on it. They say it’s gonna be soon, but with Brave soon means a couple of months so

It still telling we are working, working since a year, tell the truth when it’s going be work, resolve this issue with in a month Indian brave user have large community and it’s is a big part of profit. Solve this as soon as possible

India user like it and share to get in top because this only way create a large and unite community and pressure to resolve the issue

This started in July. It’s been just 3 months. You need to get the basic math right I guess. Anyway, there’s nothing much they can do. Frauds in India have been causing such issues. Trust me, I understand the situation. I’m from India as well.

Yea I am waiting for my account ever since they put India out of their region support.
Really waiting for a while now…( 4 months)

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