Please Upgrade Bookmark Manager


So far, I like the browser; but at the moment it’s completely useless to me.

It’s useless to me because I can’t organize my bookmarks at all.

In order for me to even be able to use this browser on a daily basis, I need the following features. I need COPY, CUT & PASTE for all bookmarks and folders. I also need to be able to NEST folders as deeply as I want. I have 5 years of bookmarks that are well organized in this manner. This is not trivial for me. Come-on, Yandex browser does this and does it perfectly. It even imports bookmarks from Firefox or an HTML file and organizes them correctly the very first time. I mean if the Russians can do it… Besides, a lot of this stuff is open source now. You could just copy it, with some modifications to make it your own. This can’t be that many lines of code. For now, I’m going to continue to keep Brave Brwoser installed, hoping that this problem will be corrected soon; but this is very basic and I can’t wait forever.

In order for ‘me’ to use this browser, I need the bookmark manager to be ‘full featured’ and ‘work correctly.’ Take that for what it’s worth. I hope you choose to address this in the ‘near’ future.


I have similar problems on the Mac. It’s agonizingly slow to drag and drop. I often have to kill the process and restart because it freezes. The inability to collapse folders makes any sort of organization almost impossible.

The bookmark interface should operate exactly like the file browser interface. I’d actually be happy using the file browser interface.


I’ve complained about this several times here for months now. With each new release, I open the Bookmark Manager hoping to see improvements but each time it remains the same unusable mess. They have a general “improve bookmark manager” issue on Github but it’s very vague and I don’t get a sense it’ll really improve as it needs to anytime soon.


IMHO, it is rude to demand anything of a free piece of software.

Better to nicely request and to praise them when they deliver a feature you like, want, or need.


Please try the latest preview and see if the thing got better. There are many solved issues landed on Nightly, which are related with performance issues. Before doing so, please make sure to create a back up of your profile folder.

If you find something which is not reported on✓&q=is%3Aopen%20is%3Aissue%20label%3Aperf%20label%3Afeature%2Fbookmarks, please simply let me know or report the issue as in detail as possible. Best,


Hey, thanks for your opinion. Move along, please.


How’s that for rude?


Thanks for the reply,

IMO, the bookmark interface should operate exactly like the file browser interface.


Yeah, I’ve been waiting for months too. This is a major usability issue. I just want to be able to use this thing. They’ve come so close; but to ignore this very basic detail seems self defeating to me.


I’m on Fedora and have installed from the repository. This is what I have installed:

Package redhat-lsb-4.1-34.fc26.x86_64 is already installed, skipping.

If this is ‘not’ the preview, is there one available for Fedora? I don’t think I’m seeing one.



Here is previews available:



This issue is exactly why I signed up 5 minutes ago. My bookmarks are a disaster and I can’t organize them. Firefox’s bookmark editing was cumbersome to me but at least I could organize them.i

I’d like to be able to do the following:
Create folders and subfolders at least 2 layers deep
Rename links or folders
Move links and folders in any order I choose.
This one is asking for a lot but, create dividers that I can also name. For instance it could look like this:

I would really like for this organization window to be its own separate tab.

Also, Firefox had a plugin that allowed you to Add Bookmark Here. This should be standard and not a plugin. It allowed me add a bookmark into any folder or subfolder I wanted during the bookmarking process. Using the above example for structure of bookmarks, I could have a tab open that I want to bookmark.
Click Bookmarks
Go to the folder/subfolder where I want to add the current tab in bookmarks
The folder would expand and the top option under the folder name was “Add Bookmark Here”
I would click that and my current tab would now be saved in bookmarks in that specific folder

Seriously dreaming list:
Color coding (is this even possible? haha)

I love Brave and it’s only getting better. I’ve recommended it to several people and will continue to do so. Aside from random tab freezes the bookmarks organization issue is the biggest problem I have with it.

THANK YOU for all your work!


Where do you download nightly?
In the GitHub release page there are list of releases. But nightly was listed way back.
If I installed that nightly will it be updated to the current one?