Please update the feature page of


Brave webstie describes about the features of the browser here: Features | Brave Browser
I hope this will be updated in future once 1.0 is out. But still the web page got new design and few things are updated.
It is good if it is mentioned somewhere that the new Brave (based on chromium) has the ability to add addons from chrome webstore. Right now it mentions only the add ons which are built on in the muon based browser. I see many people asking for few design changes or few features. Some of them might be done by add ons.
Ability to incorporate add on from chrome store is a nice feature to get mentioned under features.


I agree. The ability to use any add-ons from the chrome web store is a huge selling point to many people, and stating so in the Brave features list will convince more people to switch to Brave.


cc @rebron2000 @Mattches for this.


Already working on it!
Thanks for letting us know!