Please update dashboard for confirmed referals

i have new 6 confirmed referals but ni BAT added in my dashboard i have screenshot


Tiwala lang it will update

Same here paps nung August pa hanggang ngayon di padin naupdate

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andaming kulang na BAT dami ko ng confirmed n di dumadagdag sa BAT balance ko

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Came here for this, hoping I’m not the only one.

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Hello to all . I confirm the usual problem.

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i got 4 yesterday still not credited

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I also did not receive my referral reward. Although it has been confirmed. Please update the control panel!


@kenji27 @liliana @ernests1 @liliana @Lion25 @La.Omega apologies for the inconveniences. It’s a known issue and the team is working on a fix. See NOTICE: Please read if you’re not seeing your balance increase for referral confirmations


my 4 comfirmed is now credited thanks.

Hello. OK now. but where did you put the downloadable Excel files with the counts?