Please uncripple brave on Android

my goto, workhorse browser on win10pro is brave RUNNING THROUGH (standalone, full control) TOR-WEBTUNNEL, plus a full compliment of security/privacy hardening addons (definitely not including noscript).

BB&BBb on Andro are weak cripples in comparison.

i don’t want or need braveVPN on Andro.

i want/need BBA/BBbA to accept standalone expert orbot as SOCKS5 proxy.

i also want/need my select chrome addons.

i would like vastly expanded BB experiments.

there are several galling nuisance BB bugs, but ALL of the above are showstoppers for me.

on Andro, fennec browser, on expert orbot, w/ full compliment of hardening Ff addons totally outclassess BBA & BBbA.

i’d like to have two champion Andro browsers.

what will brave’s Andro team do???