Please transfer my BAT rewards from ios mobile to desktop browser

Hello, I cannot see brave rewards on my. ios mobile and realized there is a new rule from apple recently. how can i transfer my BAT rewards to my desktop or uphold account. I dont see an option on my mobile to scan QR code. I can see wallet payment ID on my mobile brwoser, but dont see any other options to transfer. I have my mobile ios browser from more than a year. please help.


@steeven Can you please help

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Thanks for your patience, waiting to hear back from the payments team.


I’m in the same boat and I’m so sad they are ignoring us like we don’t matter. :confused:

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Add me to the list of people with the same problem.

Me too; same problem.

I’m having the same issue. There’s no way to scan the QR code on my desktop. I’ve had Brave on my iPhone for almost 2 years.


I’ve been using Brave on iOS for four years.

In that time frame, I’ve had the same phone replaced by Apple twice. The most recent phone I’ve had for about a year.

Can you please send me a DM here onCommunity with your wallet payment ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page?

No. I cannot send a DM here with your wallet payment ID. Brave is telling me that my payment ID is blank. Please see attached screenshot.

Thanks. I have Dm’ed you.

I have the same problem - can someone help?

Can I also ask for some help i also have this kind of issue when i try to scan the qr code I am given an error on the mobile side; “Connection Error: The Brave Rewards server did not respond. Please try again in a moment. (1)”

I’d like to urge everyone here to read our update regarding this issue here:


@Mattches Thanks for the update. Looking forward for the fix.