Please support FreeBSD and derivatives


Dear Brave Browser Developers,

I am a TrueOS Desktop user and would like to use/test the Brave browser.

Please include IN your support for multiple OS’s - FreeBSD. By including support for FreeBSD you will automatically support FreeBSD based desktops such as: TrueOS/PC-BSD.

FreeBSD does include a Linux compatibility layer so you may be able to easily port your Linux code to run on FreeBSD.

I see Brave is Currently available for:

  • Brave for MacOS
  • Brave for Linux
  • Brave for Windows 7+

Please add:

  • Brave for FreeBSD ( See FreeBSD Ports collection )

Guide to porting applications to FreeBSD

Thank You!

  • BForest


It looks like the work is already in progress:

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