Please stop sending bad nude girls to have me with marriage?

Why does it happen with nude or naked girls always send me in notifications on Android 9. ?

But I don’t use other girls. I have girlfriend from Philippines. Caution I will report police whatever I will show you if I get I will post screenshots. Please be carefully! I am very sensitively.

Thank you! Please promise me! I am not bad and I am victim with Brave Browser on Android Tablet.

// EDIT:

Why do they annoy me? What does it happen? And I have earned 1 Bat but it kicked off my Bat and until 0.

Why does it happen? Why do sca***** dance against me? :frowning:

Its because of what site you always visits, You must be visiting porn sites. Thats why you always gets that advertisements


Oh really i have allowed any… no I have blocked but it happens why does it steal 1 Bat from common websites… but I don’t get how do I remove any bad? Or i need remove data of brave?

I recommend to clear data your browser. But be careful, because if you clear data and you dont have your uphold wallet connected you will lose your BAT

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Thanks for supporting me! If it happens I use private mode then it happens spreading advertisements. How do I stop or i find data?

That’s a notification from website/s @SourceSkyBoxer . Not Brave.

Go to Settings > Site Settings > Notifications to clear the list.

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Good but where is blocker? I can’t find if I use or other with unwanted popup Website how do I block like real Adblocker Browser

:point_up: So you may “accidentally” allowing notification from that site.

If you want to disable notification from all sites completely, you can change the settings. :point_down:

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I found I set up blocker as “aggressive” from Brave on Ubuntu 18.04 = ok but how do I know if I have same to Android Brave?

I often delete the browser data and my BATs have never disappeared. I don’t use Uphold.

I lost my 27 BAT because I deleted the data of brave browser, I havent connected uphold wallet that time.

Maybe you stop looking at the nono internet photographs? Or maybe you START. Then for low 5.99 rupees and your house will be looked upon with favor once more. The Bob’s will see you do not hanky panky and depart? I do not know for I am just a humble IT man but I have heard of much testimony of this.

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