Please SCRAP the bookmarks "manager" and rewrite from scratch. It's STILL complete junk


There comes a time when politically correct feedback over months and months just hasn’t got the community anywhere and someone has to kick up a stink. IMO, we have arrived at that time. Enough is enough, for goodness sakes!

Despite many complaints and several half/kinda-sorta fixes (not really) the Brave bookmarks system is all but completely useless, due to be quirky, unreliable, inconstant and unpredictable behaviour – as has all been reported before. Those reports keeps getting “closed” when in fact, nothing has really changed much. Are the developers putting their heads in the sand? What gives people?! Seriously – WHAT gives? Very poor!

Seems to me that someone needs to junk the whole thing and start over. As it stands at v0.22, the bookmark management UI is an embarrassment to Brave and Brave’s community.

How can I recommend Brave to anyone, while such basic functionality is so poorly implemented? It’s a damned shame, considering the whole BAT and Ads thing just around the corner. I don’t care if I get paid to see ads, if the browser itself is a PITA to use. I’m sure I’m not alone on this, by any small margin.

So, there it is – my two dollars worth of critical feedback – because, this really is CRITICAL, imo.

Until this is sorted, brave is going in my Trash bin, where it frankly belongs. So damned sad. My mind boggles with flabbergast and disbelief. WTF sigh cries :’(

Can I get a, “HELL YES!” or a +1, anyone ?


P.S: Yeah I’m moaning. I’m complaining and bitching. SOMEONE has to do it if this ongoing problem is every to get resolved. Flame me, block me – do what you will. It won’t change3 the truth.


I sadly agree. Brave is a browser, but if it were a car it has seats and seat belts, but lacks doors and windows. No Bookmark All Tabs, no recording of Tab History. I think of Tabs as my friends, Brave Developers think of Tabs as something you flush down the toilet several times a day.


I agree - bookmarks and bookmarks manager is near useless. I have to use toolbar as that is the only folder that I can manage. Very frustrating.
**Bookmarks Manager: When you open it expands the entire tree view and will not allow collapse of any part of. This makes a mess out of managing bookmarks. If you’ve imported bookmarks, it’s even worse.
**Bookmarks Manager winds up being structure in such a way that you can’t tel what BM’s are in what folder.
**Other Bookmarks don’t work. I can add there but cannot see it in bookmarks. And I can’t find it on BM.

I’ve seen articles from a while back about the “Other Bookmarks” not accessible as bookmark links. So the issue still persists.


I’m in agreement here myself. I’ve been slowly shifting over to Brave the past month or two and for the longest time I delayed fully jumping in because I couldn’t easily fix my imported bookmarks. I literally spent an hour or two one day in attempt to get things “close” to what how they looked in my other browsers. While I will say that importing my bookmarks was ridiculously easy, setting them up and fixing my bookmarks toolbar has been a real headache.


Thank you @gruvin,

Brave appreciates all feedback from our users - both positive and negative.
We also appreciate the level of patience and understanding our users have shown us since this project started. In just a few short years, we’ve created a fast, secure web browser and token project, both of which operate across multiple platforms. The team here at Brave are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished and remain confident in our product.

To address youR question directly, much of why certain features (in your case bookmarks) seem perpetually broken or ignored is due to our upcoming shift from our Muon runtime to our Chromium build. This particular build addresses many common bugs, improves current features of the Brave browser, will be compatible with nearly all Chrome extensions and much more. Our CTO, Brian Bondy, wrote about this transition in our blog where details this entire process. This may help clear up some confusion as to how we got to this point and where we’re going next.

You can read his blog post here (I highly recommend it):
You can follow the development process here:
And you can get a small taste of what we’re working towards here:

It will be worth the wait, should you choose to stick around. Regardless, we thank you for your support and will always strive to improve ourselves as well as our product :slight_smile:

Brave Team


@gruvin @ardent73 @thx0027 @george1 This is happening! With Brave v1.0 coming this Fall, the bookmark manager will be completely new, as it will be inheriting Chromium’s bookmark manager :).


@chriscat Great news. Thank you!


Every major browser since 2006 has had a Tabbed interface, bookmarks since 1993. Why wasn’t something in the very first beta?
You took the time to do this:
40,431 Trackers Blocked
22,026 Ads Blocked
16,502 HTTPS Upgrades
53 minutes Estimated Time Saved

The time I’ve lost and spent trying to rebuild my lost Brave tabs far exceeds 53 minutes. In fact, I’m probably never going to get it completely back, and more than likely will go back to using FireFox and Google Chrome. You can’t un-ring a bell.


Well, the Chromium engine is streets ahead of Muon … so yippie! Can’t wait. Thanks.​

I can only guess that attempts were being made for a smaller footprint on mobile devices or something? Take a page out of Bill Gate’s book – “If you write it, the hardware will come!” LOL



Yes please. Would love to have the Bookmarks Manager functional. At the moment, no book mark can be organised.