Please release my BAT's to Gemini or may I have a refund

When I told you that my account was verified and I asked why doesn’t my rewards go to Gemini or Uphold, it tooks months for someone to reach out to me. Finally, Steven helped me the first time. Next, I had more rewards that gave me the same problem. They aren’t backed up by Gemini or Uphold even though I was verified with those companies also. What is the problem with allowing me to have my own rewards?

I even told my friend to sign up with Brave Rewards and Ads just to see how his dashboard looked compared to mines. His dashboard was totally different from mine. I knew there was something wrong. I didn’t get paid out for January, February, or even December of last year. I kept reaching out to the Brave Community and no one would help me. My questions would go unanswered for much too long. You were paying my friend but you weren’t paying me.

When I noticed that no one would answer the phone, no one would interact with me on Brave Community I went ahead and sent the money to myself and you immediately suspended my account. Brave Software won’t pay me on time every month for months on end but as soon as I send the money to myself you immediately take things from me.

Will you give me a refund? My account is locked. This is frustrating.

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Hi @gadgets, please DM the email for the affected account.