Please Refund Accidental Tip

Good Evening,

   First I like to start this email by saying how impressed I am with the brave browser. The only issue that I ran into so far is the one we are about to discuss. Lastnight while browsing I accidentally hit the tip button on the website []( (see attached photo)

I really appreciate it if that tip was sent back on the grounds that there is no confirm before sending prompt/ button. Also with that being in middle of my screen right where my back button is I hope you can see the struggle.

I’m not saying Brave does not deserve that tip but I just think it’s early in our user relationship to be sending out a max tip by accident.

Looking forward to your response,


I think it can’t be possible, once you tip its done. It wont be refundable.

Don’t panic, you did a good thing without knowing anyway. Hope soon you may get much BAT than this…

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That also happened to me, first I reduced 10 bat by auto contribute, because I forgot to turn it off and then second I tip my 10 bat accidentally. Sad but that will never come back,

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god has given you very big heart :wink:


Unfortunately tip once given cannot be refunded.

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