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I’m using Brave on the desktop and every time I switch to a tab where Brave is blocking autoplay, a text notification ‘Autoplay was blocked on this page’ slides out from the right-hand side of the URL bar, sits for a few seconds, slides back in. I don’t mind seeing this once, or a few times after installation, so that I know what that URL bar icon means. But I definitely don’t want to see it every time I switch to that tab! Anything that moves is extremely effective at grabbing attention, and I don’t need to repeatedly attend to something I’ve already seen once or twice.

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The UI is gonna undergo some more work but this is probably pretty far on the roadmap. The only solution I know at the moment might be allowing autoplay on the websites that bother you the most?

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The whole point of blocking autoplay is to reduce distractions on the page. :grin:


Thanks for reaching out.
We’ve had quite a few users bring this up as well. We’ve filed an issue to resolve this exact issue:


Hi @Mattches, that’s another good example but it was not the UI element I was talking about. I’m referring to the animated notice about autoplay.



That’s actually the annoyance that got me to join the Community in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue: I find it’s easier to ignore using dark mode and a dark theme, but it would still be great to not have all of that motion up there. Still in all, it’s not enough to make me use another browser; Brave is awesome.


I like Brave so far — the ad blocking is phenomenal. But it’s basically Chromium with some Brave additions, and I don’t need badges with notifications and animated elements drawing attention to themselves. I turned off the ‘block autoplay’ function and now it pops up a question for every site with autoplay, asking if I want to allow it, lol.

Why am I making a fuss about this? Firefox is also a pretty decent browser. But for the past few years they’ve made a bunch of interface decisions that probably make perfect sense to the techies who maintain Firefox but aren’t all that pleasing to look at or easy to use for everyday users. The interface decisions really, really matter to the long-term success of a new browser.


I believe we may be moving these notifications/alerts to display somewhere in Shields panel anyway - I’ll ask around.

The issue (or at least one that I see) is that these alerts actually are useful - especially for users who are less technically inclined. Visiting a website that plays video content and seeing that (for example) playback won’t initiate (or hover previews don’t work or vid doesn’t play past first frame, etc) means that “the site is broken” or “Brave is broken” for many people. Obviously this is not the necessarily the case.

Being informed about what Brave is actually doing/blocking with respect to web browsing is just as useful as actually blocking the content. More information on this as it becomes available.


Agreed. We’re just looking for a less distracting way to do that. Maybe keeping the current sliding Autoplay blocked thing, but also adding a control in the Settings that lets us make it a static icon in the address bar like what is shown once the sliding stops. That way, motion is dramatically reduced, but there is readily-available feedback that blocking is on. Just have to code the bypassing the sliding part and add the control to effect that. Heck, you could even add text next to the setting warning the user that it won’t be as easy to know when Autoplay blocking kicks in if that’s really a concern.

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The slide-out is okay when the page loads — I just don’t need it every time I switch back to the tab. Likewise, the popup asking if I want to allow autoplay is just as distracting as having to click ‘stop’ on an autoplay. It might be more useful to flag the video that has been blocked from autoplaying with a little icon and some animation that plays once when the video scrolls into view — then the user knows what has been blocked and where to click to get it to play.

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