Please Prune the list of pending topics to reflect new releases

I spent an hour skimming through the list of pending tickets so that I could report an apparent bug. There had been an earlier promise to reveal a template I could use, but I gave up because the list was too long. Unfortunately I was too focussed on checking the list to prevent duplicate submission, that it took an hour before I noticed the “new topic” button.

When a new release fixes something, the original complaint should be deleted and moved to a list of “solved” problems. Such a solved problem can always be re-opened if warranted.

Thanks for your feedback @ahsimon, we’re always aiming to improve our experience.

  1. As far as the template for submitting an issue goes, you can find that here : How to Submit an Efficient Bug Report (READ FIRST if you are reporting for the first time)

  2. As far as submitting duplicates and searching for solution goes - we know. We are currently working on a different Community design theme as well as reorganizing the way topics are categorized, tagged, submitted and marked. Your grievance is valid as I myself share it. You can expect to see the new design release close to-if not in parallel with future Brave Builds leading up to 1.0. I plan on issuing an update regarding all of this in the upcoming weeks.

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