Please provide us a way to withdraw rewards WITHOUT uphold and gemini

Please provide us a way to withdraw rewards WITHOUT the need of uphold and gemini.
After all, Brave browser is supposed to respect privacy but by using these companies it does exactly the opposite!

These companies, With the excuse of identity verification, share our ID’s, Passports etc, with third party companies.
For the second time within two years, they asked me to identify myself AGAIN by using the website Unfortunately i did it. What the hell is this website ??? Just visit it!
It is something like a spy network, that collects PEOPLE’S SENSITIVE PRIVATE DATA AND ID’S.
There is always the possibility, that our documents (ids , passports, etc), that these companies collect, are going to end up in some king of forgery, falsification and more. No one can assure us about the opposite and about what happens to these documents.
They don’t even mind to reply to our messages !
And in the first place, who forced us to use uphold ? Who is responsible for that? Brave is responsible for that, that is supposed to respect privacy.
So I only see 2 possibilities here:

  1. Brave will provide us an alternative way to directly withdraw the awards to a wallet, without the need of these scam companies.
  2. Brave will eventually die bravely because users will stop using it…

The choice is yours…

If I have to choose between cookie tracking and ID, passpord sharing/counterfeit, I choose cookie tracking.

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