PLEASE package in FLATPAK for Linux.

It is unfortunate that for years there has been a proposal to package in Flatpak on GitHub.
What is even more unfortunate that they decide to use Cannonical Snaps, version that I have already tested and like almost all Snaps only give errors and more errors, do not integrate fully with the system, etc…

Developers of very important distributions and software in the Linux world have spoken out against the use of Cannonical’s Snap.
It is a reality how bad Snap is, just look at the distributions that bring pre-install Flatpak (which are many) to the 6+ that bring Snap.

It pains me to say this, but I’ve already waited a lot Mr. Brave Software… Goodbye. I won’t be back until they package Flatpak or give official support on Manjaro Linux.
Anyway I get the same privacy in other FOSS browsers by installing extensions.

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