Please make community on a better engine


Hello. Your current engine for community forum looks horrible. Not readable at all. I suggest to make it something like . It will be good for our eyes.


cc @alex on this. Thanks for the feedback @alex256! :slight_smile:


Hi @alex256 when I first started out in the community I was also sort of on the same wave length but I think those templates you linked for community pages are slowly becoming redundant (though not completely :slight_smile: It’s a platform created by Discourse which many companies and organisations are starting to utilize for one reason or the other. I guess it’s more simple to the eye as opposed to former forums - here’s Manjaro’s community/forum

As you can see it’s pretty much the same but I do agree with you they’ll have to do something which makes it more neat and tidy but personally I can’t make any recommendations because the the team adopting Discourse has done a pretty good job so far and the current product and features the platform it’s pertaining to I suppose forces it to look like that.

There’s a small inference also made here regarding the forum, just though you may want to take a look. Streamline feedback please


Numpty, thanks for your links and explaination. Still I find it hard to read this engine. Really not a good solution. If not some old forum engine they could at least find something readable. Or even create simple engine from scratch. is a good example of modern yet readable community forum.


I highly doubt they’ll design something from scratch, it’s the reason why there are independent solution provided by such companies as Discord. This solution for the team I suppose give more flexibility in that allows the team to organize, communicate, invite more effectively than other standard solutions.

The only things that concerns me is security which I heard Discord is sort of known for having issue around. That being said when the member replies, ask them/him whether there are other formats/templates to choose from. I’m assuming of course Discord provides other options considering the expense of such a platform is quite a penny and for such a premium solution they (Discord team) must have made efforts towards different UI/UX of their own.


Just throwing my 2 cents in. This link . Looks like something from 2000 - worst look and design page. Super Early internet looking.

Current community site is pretty effective imho!