Please make a better bookmark manager (Multi-selection/delete button functionality)


Though this issue has been addressed before, I will put it out there again, since no one has addressed it since Sept. of last year, and the issue is still here.

There are several issues with your browser, but the one that prevents me from really switching is your awful bookmark manager. You started well by offering to import bookmarks from my current browser, Chrome. But YOU OFFER NO WAY TO MULTI-SELECT BOOKMARKS AND FOLDERS. Apparently you saved my bookmarks last time I used it back in January (I deleted it then and decided to give you guys a second chance now), but my bookmarks in Chrome have changed quite a bit so I want to completely delete the bookmarks and re-import it from Chrome. However, I would have to delete each bookmark and folder, ONE AT A TIME. I can’t even use the delete button on my keyboard; I have to right click and press “delete bookmark/folder” for each bookmark/folder. No way I’m doing something that tedious.

Again, I find that there’s several issues, but this is the one that’s the most important factor in me switching (also a dark mode, which I hope is coming soon).