Please let us disable Google Duet


Please for the love of all things holy let me get rid of Google Duet. It is so frustratingly disjointed and inefficient. I tried turning it off in chrome://flags but nothing changed! Same deal with other flags… It’s like Brave has disabled the use of chrome://flags

Google Duet is a big enough issue that I may switch browsers… I don’t want to because Brave has been great so far, but this really is NOT ok



Switching the Duet flag won’t do anything because it’s not being used. We appreciate your feedback and support.



If it’s not being used they why are the search bar and new tab buttons separated?

And how can I turn it off?



Because it was moved there intentionally. The functionality is the same, I’m simply telling you that the chrome duet flag won’t fix or revert this because that’s not what’s being leveraged.
Again, thank you for your feedback – we will be reading through all user feedback.



My feedback is at least make it optionalable. It is very annoying on my phone especially with my keyboard. I have to keep opening and closing the browser now because I can’t use the menu while the keyboard is open and can’t close the keyboard on a lot of pages without closing brave. Also, even without that issue, it is an annoying, unintuitive place to have that menu.

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Get the devs to remove this stupid decision already, please. I can’t believe it’s been up for even a couple days now. How did anyone at Brave look at this and go “Yep, that’s a good idea.”



I actually liked duet, but I miss the search button from duet in the new bottom bar, which meant you didn’t have to stretch or use two hands to access the url bar. Having two buttons related to tabs in the bottom bar is unnecessary in my opinion, duet solved this by giving you a new menu when you tapped the tab count button, from where you could open a new tab, close tabs, etc. Another solution could be to automatically activate the url/search bar when opening a new tab with the + button.



So the devs are clearly aware of the backlash from this stupid decision, but refuse to even put out a ‘we are trying to have this fixed by x date’ to let users know that they both care about their users and are working to fix the issue? The locking of threads constantly and lack of a date/acknowledgement comes across like the devs simply don’t give a crap. I get that adding in the feature of an option can take a bit depending on WHAT got tweaked, but I’m unaware of any post or feedback from the developers that states they are even GOING to fix this. I think a lot of us would like to know if we need to just move on to a browser that is developed by devs who care about their users, or if we should just knuckle down and deal with this crap ui for a few more days. I used to love brave and use(d) it exclusively on my desktop, laptop, and cellphone…but I’ve been using chrome and checking in to see if there is a fix in sight. So far all I am seeing is complaints being brushed off and seemingly ignored. Have I missed a post where it was confirmed that it was being fixed, and not just ‘noted’.



This! Please let us disable duet. I hate it enough that I am finding myself reverting back to Chrome, which allows it to be disabled



Good news! If you open the menu (3 vertical dots) there is an option to disable the “bottom bar” and this worked great for me! Idk if I was somehow put on a BETA channel or if this is mainstream yet, but I would give it a try


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