Please let me turn the tab search box off


I’ve never once in my life wanted to search among my open tabs, but at least once a day I try to do a standard web search in that fuuuuuuuuukin box. I thought I would have Skinner-boxed my way out of doing it by now, but I think it’s because it’s where the actual real search bar is in Chrome mobile, which I’ve used until a couple of weeks ago. I do not need search my tabs. I never need to search my tabs. I’m not a 30 tabs person. Some of us aren’t. Please give me the option to make it a normal web search box.

  • Ed

Unfortunately no there is no way to hide/remove this option.

Yes, I noticed that. It’s why I came here to request a feature in the feature request section.

You actually posted int he Feedback section — which is also acceptable. I went ahead and moved it to Feature Requests for you :slight_smile:

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