Please keep the tabs where they are, under the address bar


I checked the developer build and I don’t understand why they need to be over the address bar like Chrome. It’s not efficient or anything. Current Safari style design is perfect, it just needs a dark theme. I like the huge constant space on each side of the address bar where I can control its window easily without trying to get into the tiny space between the top of the tab and top border of the window.

Chrome’s design looked good to people at first because it was something different but it’s no longer different and function-wise it’s just not better at all.


Agreed. Where they are, is what made me instantly like Brave.


+1 for keeping under the address bar.


I’ll offer a different opinion. I’m a fan of the tabs above the address bar. To me the address bar is essentially part of the page you are viewing. With tabs under the address bar, you now have the page split by tabs which don’t relate to what you are viewing. The address bar, Brave shield, refresh, etc. should all be closer to the page than the tabs which largely do not relate to the page itself.

That said, obviously having and option for one vs. the other would be a win-win right?


yeah, two options would be perfect. But none of the browsers that switched to the tabs on top style really did that, it’s just not what they do. Even Vivaldi doesn’t have that option even though you can customize pretty much anything in it.

Well the way I see it is: tabs would be directly over the page i’m viewing, it would look like a header and would be directly connected to the page. I wouldn’t need to go over the address bar every time I switch a tab. Assuming that we do most of our clicking on the tab bar and not the address bar, I think it would make more sense to have the tab bar closer to where our pointer usually is.


So far, tabs under is the one thing I really like about Brave.