Please integrate Blur Password Manager




Blur - Privacy app, masked emails, credit cards, pass manger and more

Request added here: :slightly_smiling_face:




+1 from (1 of 3) Several necessary Extensions/Addons (Print/PDF Edit & selected pass. manager)

Now the reason I listed the one below is because I think Brave via a vote on here and internal and advise should scrutinize the best extenions/addons similar to Blur and have only a couple available rather than a dozen which is completely unnecessary and should advise users on which ones take security and privacy seriously and which one provide consistent updates to modernize it’s overall service with newer systems and newer attacks.


I agree, I think blur is hands down so much better than the others, just because it offers so many features, and is dedicated to doing things right. I hope it gets added soon. I just can’t use brave exclusively until it does.


Love the browser but adding Blur plug-in is a must for me to make Brave my primary browser.