Please implement a cookie notification blocker

Because of the idiotic GDPR/ePrivacy directives that moronic EU legislators decided to implement, loads of websites display totally pointless notifications telling me that they use cookies. That’s like telling me grass is green. For someone like me who regularly deletes all cookies, I get presented with the same moronic cookie notifications over and over again.

Or I used to anyway. I currently get around this problem by using the browser add-on “I don’t care about cookies”, but if Brave added the same functionality then Brave would be pretty much the ideal browser because you have all the other bases covered without needing to use add-ons.

If cookie notifications aren’t blocked then the web is incredibly irritiating to use, so please add such functionality to Brave.

Also, blocking cryptomining domains would be a useful feature.


You can also use the built-in CSS filter to do this for sites that display the notification/pop-up:

Thanks for your replies.
Would I need to modify the CSS for every page that displays a cookie notification? If so, this would be a totally impractical solution. I just want an automated solution that means I never have to click on “Yes” ever again when a cookie notification appears.
Also, I should have specified that I was talking about the Android version of Brave, not the Desktop version.

PS I was talking about the Android version in my original comment, but I’d like a cookie notification blocker in both the Android and desktop versions of Brave.

I’m seeing a lot of these, frequently on pages I’ve already visited and turned off as many of the cookies as I can.

Vivaldi managed this. Any chance we can see this feature in Brave?