Please I not get Brave Ads

Last month I was still showing ads
This month I dont have ads.
I do not know where is the problem.

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On mobile I have ads, but on Windows in this month I dont have ads.

i saw some people complain about that in other posts

hope it get fixed soon

have a nice day

And something needs to be done for it?

just wait tell someone from the brave team see your post and help you


The number of ads you see depends on the availability of the ads campaign in your country and match found between your interest.

1. Make sure your browser is up to date (brave://settings/help)

2. Make sure the brave ads are available in your country
Brave Ads - Supported Countries,

3. Try the following tool

4. First check - settings - Notifications & actions - make sure - Brave - Turn ON
Disable Focus Assist (off)
Brave Ads Windows 10 Troubleshooting

5. Brave Ads FAQ,

6. Open Brave browser - Go to Menu - Brave Rewards (brave://rewards/) - Turn off Ads - Turn off Brave Rewards - close the browser - wait one minute (Don’t touch mouse and keyboard)

After that - open Brave Browser - again wait one minute (Don’t touch mouse and keyboard)

Then - Go to Menu - Brave Rewards (brave://rewards/) - Turn on Brave Rewards - Turn on Ads - wait one minute (Don’t touch mouse and keyboard)

Browse now as usual


Thanks, but nothing helped


Hi, I had the same problem, but today everything worked again. so don’t worry, just wait.

I am from spain and i have the same problem about 2 weeks ago too.

For a few months I calculate that before March in Spain you could not have ads, but since March it could be created. I have been receiving ads for 2 months and now I have not.

I have installed the browser, restored the wallet and everything remains the same. I do not see any ADS and I can not access the notifications of this month that I had 35 within the announcements section of the settings of the same, where I put the like and put the heart.

Something happens but I want to know if someone knows when they are going to solve it because we are not receiving ads and therefore we are not receiving money.

Thank you very much.

Yo tampoco puedo ver anuncios desde Argentina, hace casi 2 semanas que dejaron de llegar anuncios, tengo instaladas amas versiones

If you had already read the FAQ an none of this matches your situation.

Just to mention, this month lots of users had been reporting that they don’t receive ads since last payout (that also matches with the new update) and aperently is only affecting windows and mac users. I really don’t know if the issue is resolve, but since i still see threads with the same title (" i not receiving ads") i think not.

Today i have read a comment from a user with the problem described saying that on nightly versión was displaying ads, so probably the issue is in stable versión since the last update. I have a Windows machine also with the same problem, i have tried what this user said and, yes nightly on Windows is reciving ads while stable no.

In mean while developers are working in a proper solution.

In any case, on the last points of my comment, i do not know if it fits in your situation, but is good to know that an issue exist.

Para los qué hablan español, bueno el resumen.

Este mes desde el último pagó (qué coincide con la actualización) muchos usuarios han reportado lo mismo qué ustedes. Ya los desarrolladores estan buscando la solución, solo queda esperar.

Dicho eso, aparentemente en Windows y mac os (yo uso linux y sigo sin novedad) las versiones BETA y STABLE no estan recibiendo anuncios aparentemente por lo mismo (no para todos los usuarios, solo los que reportaron ya esto). En fin, yo tengo una máquina con Windows 10 en las mismas, siguiendo un comentario de otro usuario probé instalando la versión nightly, la cuál, al menos para mi y ese usuario nos funcionó y llegaron anuncios para este mes, dando como resueltado que el error esta en las actualizaciones de las versiones ya mencionadas. Si les urge prueben a ver qué la versión nightly.

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I am from Spain and i am in the same situation. No ads showing long time ago.

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@Calmadigital Same problem here (im from Spain).
@ambrocioisaias2808 thanks for the info.

I have the same issues, albeit on only 1 of the 2 PC’s that I use at home. I have a desktop and a laptop and my usage of both computers is divided 50/50 throughout the day. I installed Brave Browser on both computers on the same day 06/24/2020. I have been receiving and viewing ads with no issues on my desktop. Meanwhile I have received zero ads on my laptop. I’ve gone through the action steps listed by @CGNV in this message thread on my laptop, but to no effect.

Apparently, my next step is to replace the Brave stable version with the nightly as suggested by @ ambrocioisaias2808 to see if I can get ads to appear on my laptop. I’ll report back when I complete this step.

great okay …try reseach

If that doesn´t change anything, well admins are paying attention to this again. This is the thread where they are looking this.

I will tag @steeven and @Mattches since this seems related:


A reportback: I installed the nightly version on my laptop, but it’s been several days and I have not received any ads. I am getting ads on my desktop using the stable version. Both computers are on the same home network. Still looking for a solution.


I don’t get ads since July 19.
I saw several people complain about 2 or 3 weeks with no ads. If this is a bug why is not fixed yet?
Or Brave browser quits rewarding BAT to users and brave rewards will end?


buenas tardes, me gustaria que paso, el dia 06 debia recibir mi recompensa mensual, pero no aparece en mi cartera, pero aparece que ya me envio, pero en uphlod no aperece quisiera saber cual es el problema

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