Please i need someone to guide me through how to earn in brave browse please πŸ™

Please i need someone to guide me through how to earn in brave browse please :pray:


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Thank you.

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@kingmoney What’s your OS? PLZ do not post personal info in this site.


Follow the steps in this order.

  1. Check if your country is supported @

  2. Set your region in your device and do not use VPN

  3. Check if ads are available in your region @ . Search in Brave community posts for updates about your country.

  4. Make sure Uphold ( and and Gemini ( custodial wallets are supported in your country.

  5. For Window users, a) disable focus assist in Windows Settings, b) Enable notifications in Windows Settings, Enable notifications in Brave browser. Make sure you device can receive ads notifications @

  6. Set your home page to open in dashboard.

  7. For more info submit a request at

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@kingmoney Just curious, I see you have been a community member since Sep 25, '19. Have you been using the browser all that time without enabling Brave Rewards? Curious to know your story and pardon my nosiness. Please feel free to ignore, meant no offense.

Yes I have been a member but I don’t know how to earn

Please I’m Nigeria :nigeria: please help :pray: me

Start with the Help Center articles linked below. Basically the minimum is to go to brave://rewards, enable Brave Private Ads, and disable auto-contribute unless you want your earnings to automatically be contributed to creators./publishers.

If you have done this and are having problems, please provide more detail. You will need to provide your Brave version and OS found at brave://version as well as the country where you live. Please post an update.

Edit: Realized you said you were from Nigeria. You will not be able to connect to a custodial provider at this time. However, you should be able to view ads and earn Rewards. Your Rewards wallet will be unverified. You can hold them until the restrictions for your country are lifted and/or tip creators.

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