Please how do i solved this issues

In my browser I have two notifications showing my December and January reward but when I click on claimed it gives the message Oops Something Went Wrong, Please try again later. I don’t have a wallet ID, I have checked everywhere necessary in my brave browser for the wallet ID but it is nowhere to be found and my account balance is showing 0.00. Please help solve this issues because is really causing me sleepless night and is also very worrisome. Is this caused by my phone? Can admin help me solved this issues? Has anyone ever experience something like this or is it only me that is face with this type of problem. Please help

You can find your wallet ID here: brave://rewards-internals/

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I have done that over and over again without any result. No wallet ID

Sorry, I can’t help with your problem, I’m new and still trying to figure it all out too! I am curious about something though… in brave://settings/wallet, what is your Default cyptocurrency wallet? It seems really odd that you were accumulating BAT without a valid seed/wallet id. I’ve pasted a display of my wallet info below with the id/addresses covered. How does your brave://rewards-internals differ? Please no pressure to respond and please feel free to tell me to get lost if I’m being too nosy! No hard feelings. :laughing:

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Please I really appreciate your help in trying to hellped me to resolved this. But please can I asked you some questions that will jelp bring clarity of what to fo and how to tackle this problem. Was your wallet ID given to you by BRAVE, like it came with your browser or you created it through another crypto exchange company? All this information that are displaying on your dashboard have never been seen on my browser. Do I need to create a wallet ID and copy the address to brave browser? How did you get your wallet ID? This is the screenshot of how my wallet an BAT display.

Please I await your response. Thank you so much

Hi @Noblemike

Your wallet payment ID is auto-generated when you opt-in to Brave Rewards.

You can find your wallet payment ID by going to brave://rewards-internals.
Under the General info panel you will see a set of numbers next to wallet payment ID.

When you find your ID, could you kindly send me a DM.


Thank you very much for your help, I have now seen my wallet ID but my wallet balance is 0.00 meanwhile I have two reward notification but when I click claim it shows Oops something went wrong, please try again later

Could you kindly DM me your Wallet ID (found at brave://rewards-internals) and I can take a closer look at what might be happening.

Thanks in advance.

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