PLEASE help. My account has been flagged. I'm a content creator! Those BAT payments go a long way for putting food on the table. I did nothing wrong!

Hello Brave team. Please help. I have been with you since day 1 during beta testing and no one knew what Brave was. Suddenly since about November of of 2021, I noticed I stopped getting ads, no rewards, and can’t cashout all my brave bat tokens. When I get the pop up messege saying my account has been flagged, no problems a moderator will soon go over all flagged accounts and should get un flagged. I realized it happened around the time I signed up for a Creator’s account. I was building a website (which I still am updating). Was going to do some social media and all that for a little buisness I want to start. I don’t know if my nephew went online and did something so bad it flagged my account? He tweets a lot and face books. So god knows what kids do on those and trouble they cause. Or does it have something to do with having a Content Creators Brave account. One thing maybe that I also did was created a profile page with some crypto addresses for donations for my serrvices, and the other night I logged on to creator account and realized the profile account with picture and all that was there when I went to edit profile. Looked like my old Twitter Profile page account, with the same pictures and ways to pay in crypto. WOOPS!!! Could that have been the problem? I thought it was my VPN for a long time so you guys didn’t like that. I just created an additional account under this main account. And bam I was getting ad’s every hour and racked up like. 30 cents in half a day. That’s how it always use to work with my main account. So please can you help me unflag my account, and tell me why it was flagged? Now that I tested it on 2 computers with additional accounts, Brave has been working great with my VPN on. Maybe because sometimes I change countries, states, would that cause the red flag? I’ve been very loyal to Brave and have advertised for you became an affiliate. I would very much appreciate it if you can look into my case and see why it was red flagged, and please un flag me. Whatever it was, I will make sure it won’t happen again. During these covid crisis, my family has been through a lot, putting food on the table is difficult. Brave was a nice little piece of extra income that went a long way for me. When you get that poor and unemployed, have to work at home, credit cards are maxed out. You really start understanding that every penny truly counts. I can reinvest it in uphold, trade and make a bit more, and stake some crypto. The last time I got paid was for $300 in 1 month. Then everything stopped. I was creating content like no tomorrow, blogging, tipping, people tipping me on twitter. I couldn’t believe I could make that much. But it came with a lot of work, hours of sleepless nights writing and studying block chain and crypto and learning how to code on block chains, create execute contracts, teaching people online for free. SO PLEASE if there is any heart in you can a BRAVE ADMIN finnally help me. I need it like no tommorow, espicially now with inflation, stocks down, crypto down. I am online 24 hours using brave. It use to be that when I got paid, I could atleast take my family to the dollar store and actually get some food there and maybe some toys to uplift my kids spirits. A few bucks can go a long way for me, I’m an money investor, saver, penny pincher. If I see a penny on the ground, I will stop and pick it up. Have a heart, please get to my case. It really helps me even if it’s just a little. Don’t flag me because I use Brave so much that BRAVE thinks it’s unfair or doesn’t want to pay me that extra few bucks a day. Managers On the Top, the C-Suite, they are making money. I am making you guys more money than you pay me even if it was $1,000 a month. I started using edge browser more because it’s cool and pays me in rewards and as fast as Brave w/ cool options, starting to get hooked on it. I like crypto, I like getting paid BAT and saving some for long term with the left over BAT that I use at the Dollar store. I like Brave’s mission, Web 3. I’m a developer and getting better at Web 3, blockchain, and it’s a real shame that Brave stopped being what they stood up for. Decentralized. Not google paying you off or cnbc and stock brokers for our data, that you flag me for no reason to save a dime, when I made you a few bucks off that dime. Brave needs to get back to their roots and stand with the Crypto Community, democratize the internet. I hear to many people ditching Brave because of your payment system that works when it wants to work. Don’t be a sell out. I will stand with Brave to the future, I use all your browsers, beta, night, so you can make a better browser. I contribute more than your average Joe because I believed in Brave. But constant payment problems, yet the additional ones I just made made me 30 cents within hours using same pc same vpn. My uphold account is verified, but when ever I click on verify after clicking on the BAT icon, it takes me to uphold, and I log on and view my accounts. Nothing is wrong on that end, unless if that can cause for ads to not pop up! I beg you to help my family and I! Please! Thank You. Sincerely, Voytek

I really LOVE BRAVE and want to keep using it. With so many issues of not getting ad’s and keeps saying unverified uphold wallet. Is really making me think about using other browsers. I see so many people also get red flags. I havent got anything all year. Been to busy hustling, freelancing to feed my family and keep a roof over my head. Now when I look back on how many BAT I would’ve gained since November, it really makes me upset. I work from home and on my PC almost 24 hours writing blockchain contracts, mining, validating. Finally I said enough and want my voice heard and this issue fixed. I had trust that BRAVE would get to my case and un flag me as the pop up says. It’s been to long. Not good PR! There will be other browsers that will build Browsers for web 3 and have incentives, and pay. I know there are a lot of old people and such that complain about all the crypto ads, and that’s their only complaint. Well they aren’t part of the crypto family and need to go back to google or netscape. This Browser community should be for the people by the people, and crypto enthusiasts, influencers should come first. Brave has potential and the trophy for the first Crypto earning browser made for the little guys by the little guys and not mega tech. Please don’t mess up that reputation. Or Brave might end up being the Netscape of the new CRYPTO world and WEB 3 Tech Boom. I Love BRAVE, and miss my old Brave that never had issues with ad’s popping up. clicking on them and actually reading them, and signed up through a lot of them to contribute to the BRAVE family. I am not trying to be hateful. Just upset that such a cool browser that I love is falling apart. GO TEAM BRAVE! If there is anything else I can do to help contribute to building a better browser, let me know. If I have to send you all the auto reports in setting, if that helps I will do it. If you want me to Push Brave to it’s limits, I can. I’m good at breaking technology and test it to it’s very core. Sincerely Ez aka Voytek

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Thank you.