Please help me understand how to make money on brave

How do I start making money on this app

This information can be found on our official website:

Mattches already answered how to earn rewards.
But your question is more deep. You want to earn money.

I want to be honest with you (and everybody). You will not get rich with this.
If you are lucky to be in a supported country and be able to open an account with one the the supported exchanges, then at current rates you may earn about 5 dollar per month.
However, the exchange will charge you if you withdraw your rewards. At the moment Uphold is charging 1 dollar for any transaction below 250 dollar. i.e., from that 5 dollar per month you would get only 4 if you want to “get the money”.

But … there is always a but … to be able to earn 5 dollar you need to watch many ads daily. You need to use Brave several hours per day, every day. If you are unlucky to be in one of the regions suffering from the energy crisis and inflation, you would pay much more in electricity than what you get from Brave.

Unfortunately, this is the cruel reality. You would “earn much more money” if you get a part time job than browsing with Brave.

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