Please Help me to withdraw my earning


I have been publisher for more than 2 months now and I recieved some BAT in my wallet but I dont see any coin in my Uphold wallet. I m working hard and I preparing huge work to promote brave in my country.
Please Help me to withdraw my earning. I have 2 months waiting.
My second question can I be Official Representative for brave in my country?


Hi @joulianet,

The payout is happens automatically around 8th of every month. Nothing you need to do except to connect your Publisher account to your Uphold wallet.

cc @chriscat on this one.


It is connected 2 months ago and I did not receive my payment on 8th November. Today is 9 th december and still waiting :sob:


Mee too @Asad can you help us? or @LaurenWags?


Might take a day or two more, since the 8th was on a Saturday – I will check with the ledger team!


I received the tips, but the affiliate comession no. I appreciate all the brave-team efforts


Your confirmations probably rolled in too late to be qualified to be paid out this month. This is generally the case with (seemingly) delayed referral payouts.