Please Help me to withdraw my earning


I have been publisher for more than 2 months now and I recieved some BAT in my wallet but I dont see any coin in my Uphold wallet. I m working hard and I preparing huge work to promote brave in my country.
Please Help me to withdraw my earning. I have 2 months waiting.
My second question can I be Official Representative for brave in my country?


Hi @joulianet,

The payout is happens automatically around 8th of every month. Nothing you need to do except to connect your Publisher account to your Uphold wallet.

cc @chriscat on this one.


It is connected 2 months ago and I did not receive my payment on 8th November. Today is 9 th december and still waiting :sob:


Mee too @Asad can you help us? or @LaurenWags?


Might take a day or two more, since the 8th was on a Saturday – I will check with the ledger team!


I received the tips, but the affiliate comession no. I appreciate all the brave-team efforts


Your confirmations probably rolled in too late to be qualified to be paid out this month. This is generally the case with (seemingly) delayed referral payouts.


Please I need some explanations regarding confirmation. On my dashboard, It reads 20 downloads but zero confirmation… Please is there anything I need to do from my end. When will I have them confirmed. How does it work


Hi @doyeen22,

  • “Downloaded” mean new user download and install Brave using your referral link.
  • “Confirmed” mean that new user already use Brave for ± 30 days so it’s counted as “confirmed” referral.

A qualified referral is a user who downloads the Brave browser using the promo link provided when you register and specific to your channel or website, and uses the browser for at least 30 days.

Hope that can make it clear for you.
If you search for existing thread, you’ll found the answer.


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