Please help me to install Chrome extensions from Chrome Web Store



What is the guide to install Chrome extensions from Chrome Web Store?

There is no green button to install them in it.

Voice to Text from Google Voice doesn´t work in Brave?

Chrome extensions from are not supported because of security reasons but there is a way to install them but it is tedious and you have to start Brave from a commandline every time. But here is the guide if you are interested in trying it out: :slight_smile:


So, the native Brave extensions (such as LastPass, etc.) is modified in certain way so they could appear in Extensions page?


The extensions that are shipped with Brave are checked to see that they don’t track you or provide malware in any form :wink::+1:


Hi @Jacalz it would be interesting to here your reply about How will you push updates for future extensions? because considering the above comments about modification the Brave team will surely have a daunting task ahead of them once the majority of requested Chrome extensions are ported.


I want to have

  1. Clear Cache
  2. Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker
  3. Play Bookmark Random
  4. vidIQ Vision for YouTube
  5. Violent monkey
  6. Youtube Video Blocker

Which alternatives does brave offer?


Please search for guide on youtube. While 3rd party extensions are officially not supported, it is possible to replace the extension with other extension at run-time. Its about enabling any useless (to you) extension and physically replacing its files with SOURCE files from source archive (not CRX).

There are downsides to this method though: no automatic updates, minor to critical bugs in extensions and fact that its not automatic.


Currently the only way to install is to side load the extensions as mentioned here or as mentioned by @Jacalz here .

Do remember side loaded extensions will not be updated automatically, has limitations and is not officially supported by Brave. It is only meant for testing purpose

Closing the thread for now. For any specific extension request please follow the guidelines before requesting.

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