Please Help me "The Brave Rewards server is not responding. We will fix it as soon as possible."


I recently got the check uphold and used Brave for already a few months. I understood that it took a certain level to be able to withhold the money obtained by watching the ads. On the other hand, since my uphold certification, it shows when I click on the BAT logo, that I have no advertising BAT anymore. But when I look at the last allocations, I have the list of awards obtained via the ads. What should I do? I have a Brave, uphold and Brave Reward certification. I find your policy really horrible. You write everywhere that you are different from other browsers etc. But at the end it is always impossible to repay the money due. Thank you for your help !


PS: I had more than 100 BAT to my credit!

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Hi @StaffAcounts - welcome to community and thanks for writing in! What OS and Brave version are you using? Are you still encountering the server error and unable to view your balance? Do you have auto contribute set ON for any publishers? Thanks in advance.

Hi @steeven

Iā€™m using Brave on is last version, on MacOS. I just checked again, and my balance is still unavailable. I do not have any auto contibute ON.
it really starts to be long!

I have this issue as well. Please kindly help

Is the balance able to withdraw now?

are there still some people working on this task?
i have brave version 1.20 ( on iphone xr (ios 13.7) and i get exactly this error each time i try to look at my balance.
on my android phone it works just fine, so i guess it is not really just a server problem?