Please help me sir check me my account

Dear sir I have 67 BAT token balance in my Uphold account, current balance is 63.41, there is no transaction of 63.41 BAT token in Uphold account … please help me sir

Hi @hunted0006, Welcome to Community!
I need some clarification on the issue - I see you have 0 BAT in Uphold. What are the balances in your other Brave related cards in Uphold?
Also you mention 67 and then 63.41, Where is the 67 and 63 you’re referring too?
Is this in relation to Rewards (Ads) or Creators (Publishers)?

Dear sir, will you get 63 BAT tokens in my Uphold wallet

dear sir check my screenshot, please sir help me and ,transaction complete my BAT token…?

Dear Sir, I did not get any help from you

When did you connect your account to Uphold?

January 2020 first time, 2nd time November 4 yeah 6 November

What do you mean by 2nd time?
Did your wallet disconnect or did you manually disconnect and reconnect?

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