Please Help! I need to export my Android Brave bookmarks!


I am working on a project and need access to all the bookmarks I made on my android devices. I have over 100 bookmarks on one device and 60 some on the other.

So going to each article, trying to load it and sharing it with some book mark app won’t do.

Is there an app on the Google Play store that can help me?

BTW where is the directory on Android where the brave bookmarks files are saved?
Could I manually copy that?

Please help, this is a bit time sensitive.


Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a way for you to export/extract bookmarks from Android without a rooted device (which is still quite a hassle). This feature will be implemented along with Sync for Android which is currently being worked on. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


I have a work around solution for you, but requires opening the bookmark to copy the URL. This free, no ads clipboard is great on Android. You can copy bookmarks starting last to first. Be sure to pin each one, then you’ll have an exact copy of them. Then, instead of using in browser bookmark, use this app. Plus, you can export/import any time. Saved to device, but manually transfer to cloud if moving to new device, or hard reset. Oh yah, it’s the most private clipboard app I know of. No internet connection of its own. No analytics, etc. It still works great on nougat, 7.0, not sure about higher OS.


But Sync is not intended to be a backup.

Why isn’t there a subordinate bookmark export into a local file?


What would be the steps if your device is rooted?


I would get a clipboard manager app, preferably no ads or internet connect, and copy all bookmarks to that. Then they are universal. I can import export to wherever I want at that point. Also, look for one with folder creation.


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