Please Help, How Can I Force Re enable an Extension Which Google disabled as Malware

I did not find any issues with this Extension Which Google disabled as Malware and In fact its my favorite Extension, It made my Browsing Experience Great, I Know Google Can be Fragile and Sensitive and often get triggered by small behavioral changes, For me, thats the reason why i dont use Google chrome and use brave instead, This is one of my Super Favorite Extension and if Google Marks as Malware, Well, I can Live with that Malware, Just tell me how to Get this Extension Enabled

Alternatively, I am also looking for ways to Import an older version of this Extension, For Example, the Latest version seems to be 7.3.2 and the Prior/Previous Version to this one Seems to be 7.3.0, I have Checked a website which is called Crx4chrome

From there, I was able to download a older version where its release date was December 2023 and May 2023(7.2 version)

I checked both of these older versions on Virustotal and they were shown as Safe

Now, How to Install the crx file Manually ?

I already Exported the Config File So i can just import it and i will Get my old Settings back Real Quick

  1. In Brave, go to brave://extensions/ and ensure Developer mode is enabled
  2. Download the .crx file and unpack it to some local folder
  3. Return to brave://extensions/ and click Load unpacked
  4. Select the folder mentioned above
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I have discovered a way to Get this Exact version working by following this Guide

As Seen in the above Guide, If we Remove the Extension before backup, The Extension(Folder/Data) will be Gone Forever, So to Truly Get the Extension Architecture data as it is, Please Follow the Guide in the below video(Move the Extension Folder to a different directory 1st and then Remove it from brave://extensions)

After its Removed from Extensions Page, Now Move back the Extensions Folder back to the Profile directory as seen in the video and then Make Sure developer Mode is Enabled, Click Load unpacked and then Select the Folder again and Now the Extension will Start working again.

What the above Author on Superuser Failed to add is that, the Author did not mention to turn off Safe browsing Because if you dont turn it off, Google/Chromium will Constantly Scan all of the Enabled Extensions and will Block this workaround(will Disable the Extension again).

So Turn it off

Yes, Lesser Security Now But if we need Something we Love Back again, We have to accept this Compromise, For Now, I Believe in Brave Shields and will Only use websites which i trust on the Profile for which Safe Browsing is turned off… If i know i am Going to visit a Site which is very new, Especially the Link Shortner websites as they are known to cause Forceful Redirects, I will Just create a New Temp Brave Profile and use those websites there.

Bard has Convinced me about Brave Shields But Even Bard had to Say Something Negative or Something which i dont wanted it to say, I would Still Believe in Brave Shields, For Now, Brave Shields is My Best Friend

Hopefully Brave Shields team Figure out a way to Extort the List of all of the websites which Google Safe Browsing List is Marked as unsafe and Allows me to Enable “Domain Blocking” of those websites in Brave://adblock So that in a way, I will Get that Extra Protection, For Example, There can be a New option in Brave://adblock where it can be Named as “Improved Domain Blocking for Safe Browsing” So that in a way if its checked, Safe Browsing domain Blocking will be Restored where instead of Brave Following the Generic Warning Message, We will See New Warning message and New UI on the Domain block Page.

Hopefully Brave Shields Team Sees this Issue and Provide a Solution if Possible, Thanks.

@Mattches method worked

If you didn’t know point 2 as me, You can use this method

I Followed .RAR Renaming.

It Seems Like this Extension was Hacked by Someone else and that Hacker Removed Every info Linked to the original Author

See v7.2 May 2023 Update

V7.3 December 2023 update

Also their Github Now Seems Archived

The Current Good News is that I have Imported V7.2 and Every Functionality works and Since the Auto update Feature No Longer Works for this Extension, I am currently able to use this Extension even with Safe Browsing is Turned ON, Chromium/Safe Browsing is Not disabling this Version.

  • If the extension hasn’t been updated, maybe is a good time to find an alternative? (for security and bugs)
  • Does the same extension show the same error message in other Chromium browsers?
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This Extension Seems to Affect only Browsers Which depends on Chrome Web Store

For Example, this Extension is alive on Microsoft Edge Store and Firefox

And on both these Stores, The Latest version Seems to be 7.2 May 2023 update.

I Loved Everything about this Extension, It has Lots of options, Powerful Customization and also Beautiful Extension Icon which Beautifies the Extensions Pinned Area on Chromium 109 in Windows 8.1

For Now, As is said, v7.2 continues to work Even with Safe Browsing is turned on, So the Problem Seems to be Linked with v7.3 and Since the Extension is Removed from Chrome Store, Auto update feature No Longer works which is Good.

I don’t know how or why its classed as Malware, but you have to be careful. Since companies can just buy extensions and then infect them with malicious scripts.

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I agree with @fanboynz — I would actually recommend looking for an alternative extension (of which they do exist).

Even if it is technically safe to use still, the fact that you need to disable Safe browsing in order to use it does not make the value worth the risk. By turning Safe browsing off, you’re essentially preventing the browser from stopping or warning you that you are downloading malicious content or visiting a site attempting to inject or install malicious content on your device.

@xdph I would highly advise finding an alternative or finding a way to install the extension without the need to disable Safe Browsing.

Just Discovered it, The Latest Headache which i have to Live with is that i have to “Load Unpacked” the Extension Every time after the Browser Restarts Because the Current Psycho design is that “Load Unpacked” Extension and the Working State of Extension ONLY Lasts until the Browser Gets Restarted… Why Cant these People at Chrome Store be Nice as Edge Store… The Extension is Still alive on Edge Store, Now i have to waste time to write Script to Automate this Process…