Please Help 10k BAT lost!


Hi ive got a couple of problems,ive deposited 10000 into my brave browser wallet and i only meant to do 100,the 10k hasnt appeared in my wallet its been over an hour,etherscan says its confirmed tho ? How can i withdraw from my wallet and why havent they appeared in my balance ???

Missing 10k BAT deposit

How do i withdraw from the wallet ???


Hi @Majikbootz,

Currently there’s no way to withdrawal since the payments wallet is unidirectional and mean to support publishers/creators.

2 way wallet is planned and coming.


@Mattches would he/she technically still be able to retrieve their funds once Brave-Core implements the 2-way wallet in M5: 0.55.x or after the seamless update with 1.0 and could you find out more about this issue from Nejc seeing as they’re working on it?
Just on another point on this - is this the same feature that was being worked on rapidly recently but then removed suddenly to not be released on Brave-Moun?

In addition to the issue at hand @Mattches, do you think it’s a good idea for Brave to restrict funds from being received into the wallet if it exceeds a certain figure, say 500 USD = 3294.44 BAT or does Brave intend for the future wallet to function almost exactly like traditional wallets such as Electrum?


  • Could you edit your post to paste your about:brave info
  • How on Gods earth can you mistake 10 from 10,000?
  • What kind of service allowed you to purchase 10000 BAT at 1517.71 USD or did you convert 0.2369 BTC to 10000 BAT? (14/09/18 figures)
  • What service/app did you use to deposit the BTC/BAT into Brave
  • Did you not read this page -
  • Backup Brave wallet - write down the private key wherever and Save recovery file as a precaution

Wait to read the response from the lad I questioned above. You better hope that Brave-Core does retain the funds from Brave-Moun, either if you update manually to the dev version in the coming month which has the 2-way wallet (not the current dev) or in the seamless update in 1.0. Either way I wish it works out for you.


Hi @Majikbootz,

Please zip an email over to Make sure you include

  1. The email address you signed up for Brave Payments with
  2. A link to this community thread.

From there on, I’ll help you out directly.



:point_up: You’re in good hands with this guy.


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