Please, Get Rid of Password Notifications Filling Top of Screen


Overall love browser and most importantly the WHY behind the browser, BUT…

those pernicious “Would you like Brave to remember the password for…” that fill the top of my browser screen until i MUST deal with them is really too much. if you want to flash a notice like that for 10 seconds or so, fine (i guess), but when they just sit there taking up valuable screen space and remain from tab to tab until i just can’t take it anymore - not cool. and not only that, but it continues to ask me again and again for the same sites over and over until it makes your head spin.

please - remove - these - notices - before - i - totally - lose - it - danka :crazy_face:


Hi @sheen,

So I assumed you don’t want Brave to remember password for you? That’s why you click Deny to close the notification and the results it’s keep come up again.

If you don’t want to Brave to save your password for you, you can choose different password manager from Preferences/Settings > Security > Password Manager. You can choose 3rd party password manager that available.

Or, you can also choose Don;t manage my passwords option from the drop down. This way Brave will not asking you for your permission again.


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