Please fix some errors to my account

hi sir. there is an error from my account. i referred 5 of my friends and they download the app but my the referred download and installed referrals on my account is still zero. and theres no ads being sent to me since i download and used this apps for weeks.
please fix it and i can assure you that i can refer many people as you wanted. thank you.


Hi @jerry0023,

Welcome to community!

Do you know when they downloaded the browser? It can take a sec for your stats to update.

In regards to not receiving ads, what region do you live in, and what device are you using? Have you opted into receiving ads? If so, the # of ads that you select to receive is the maximum amount that you will see, not the minimum.

Thanks in advance!


hi sir and thank you for your response. i am from philipinnes and i do select the brave browser as default browser to my cellphone and i already fix the settings on seing ads for 5hours and yet i don’t receive any ads from the beginning sir. i received the stats downloaded sir but no bat or points receive. wish you could help me more from this problem so if something happens like this from my friends that i referred here in phillipines, maybe i can solve the same problem that I’ve encountered. thank you sir.

into receiving ads? If so, the # of ads that you select to rece…

specific info sir please. ty.

i want to receive paid ads as many as possible sir. ty.

Kabayan, region specific ang ads
Sad to say we are not on the list

Hi @jerry0023,

Thanks for the additional info! Please note that selecting 5 ads per hours means that at maximum you will receive 5 ads per hour, it is not a guarantee that you will receive that many ads.

As for your referral payout, here is a link with answers to payout related questions - Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts.


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