Please fix Linux download link on

While investigating because of this Reddit thread, I found out that the “Download for free” button does not work properly on Linux.

I believe it is because it tries to load an iframe from with the Linux installation instructions and there’s some permissions issues.

Please fix. This looks pretty bad and might discourage Linux users who tend to be pretty tech savvy and paranoid when they see stuff like this.


I have made like 5 posts on this topic. This might be my 6th one (this time it is you rather than me). I even tagged the whole team available on this forum, even top management like CEO and CTO. It still is a happening, is quite ‘wonderful’ in itself.

Countless users have hard time figuring out if the website in the ad is real or fake (scam) just like the reddit post you linked. Quite Wonderful.

I don’t have any issues with Brave using another domain for marketing. Firefox themselves use domains like

At least make sure the download links work though or better yet make it redirect to

I also don’t necessarily have problem with a different domain used for advertizing. It helps with attribution. The actual site is a static site, straight up sketchy looking.

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