Please explain expiration date and BAT usage

just for my understanding, when i earn ad rewards they will be credited as grant in my wallet with an expiration date of few month and then they are gone??
I only can spent this coins back to the creators from whom i got this rewards for looking his advertising??
I understand this system will support creators but for this i can give tip!
When will it be possible to use my earned bat free or withdraw?
why should i spent in future hours with looking ads when i can’t use the coins?

it would really be nice if someone can explain clearly how the reward system work, because the expiration date i never read before i started to earn with rewards…


@creaders the entire reward system is still in its infancy and grant are given to better fine tune the system. upon maturity and full release grants would stop being provided and BAT would only be earned through ads and the wallets would be bidirectional (you could choose to withdraw the BAT for yourself or donate to a publisher)

thanks for reply.
this is stand now and can you tell me when will it be possible? Nowhere i can find a timeline what and when it will be developed.

Are all current BAT rewards been given out as “grants?”
(1) If so, is that because there are no advertisers yet who are paying to have their ads shown?
(2) Can you award BATs to not yet “Brave Verified Publishers?” What I’m thinking is that the publisher gets notified and those BATs would go into a holding account until the publisher gets verified and claims it.

Answering my own question … It was a bug and it was fixed in the latest update. You can read about it here.