Please consider adding Meta's Cryptonite extension for preventing phishing of crypto sites



This extension uses a visual cue to verify site safety. Whenever you visit a verified crypto site or social media account, the Cryptonite shield turns from black to green on your toolbar - providing an obvious indicator that you are safe.

Maybe Brave has native functionality to do something analogous but if so I am not aware of it. Given Brave’s crypto tilt, this seems like a good addition.

i have switched from Chrome to Brave and will use Brave regardless but would love to see this added.


I’ve seen using cryptocurrency mining scripts on the website isn’t much profitable as CPU too slow to mine. Does it makes sense at all? Or rather take closer look to cryptocurrency software development


I agree that cryptojacking on a single cpu yields little benefit. That of course doesn’t stop cryptojacking malware from being pervasive today, especially since last September, so I assume that in aggregate, it’s lucrative.

All that said, this is unrelated to my request, since Brave already blocks cryptojacking mining (from what I have read) and Cryptonite is not a mining blocker. It validates that URLs for crypto sites are correct, rather than sites people are directed to via phishing attacks.

Given the recent ethereum DNS attack which resulted in $1.5M in lost Ether, this seems like a great extension to make Brave more secure.


MetaCert’s security app for Slack protects many crypto communities when opening links inside Slack. But they felt more protection was needed. Cryptonite will provide ultimate protection for Slack communities that are already being protected by MetaCert but they can be used by anyone. When it comes to crypto communities such as those behind Token launches and best ICOs, we only verify MetaCert customers. For the most part, we want to provide them with as much value as possible by offering this as a free service.


Do you think adding the Cryptonite extension to Brave is worth the effort required? Would MetaCert be interested and perhaps facilitate, do you think?


Please add Cryptonite extension to Brave soon. I depend on it daily and I would like to change my default browser to Brave.

Metacert has now released Cryptonite to open source


You will have this extension when Brave 1.0 rolls out. The first version of this new Brave should be landing in October.

You will be able to just click into the Chrome web store and install the extensions you like, and it’ll work as expected :).


Good news! Thank you!


I have posted this link in other threads, and this one seems to have a lot of responses, so I want to be certain everyone else knows that you can enable Cryptonite for the Dev Build of Brave Browser. Check out this guide I put together :slight_smile: :


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