Please clarify this question to the community

Good night, @steeven

I open this post so that I can clarify the doubt of many people here in the community, since 2 days ago the uphold payments have been received so I see good work, but the doubt of many is that the payments to the wallets do not verified began before and has not yet arrived, many people are waiting for this month’s claim to reach 25bats and be able to verify the uphold among them I include myself.
payments to unverified wallets already gone out? have not left? or do they have some kind of problem? We look forward to your prompt response and thank you in advance.
I apologize for the inconvenience caused and a cordial greeting.

Payments for unverified wallets are processing right now. We apologize for the delay:


I received the payment on both my phone and laptop today so you may receive it soon aswell…

If you wanna help me by donating few BATs, Here is the link : Youtube Channel

Thank You!

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thanks, coming 1 bat for you! good luck bro

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Thanks A lot!!!
It really means a lot for me.

from how many months are you collecting bats to reach 25bats

Please do not solicit your channels for tips and/or ask for donations here on Community. Thank you.