Please change the way we can organize our bookmarks


Hi there, I would love to be using Brave more frequently but there is a problem - coming from Firefiox, I must say Brave bookmarks are a nightmare for someone who has PLENTY of them. Whenever I open bookmarks I’m absolutely confused and adding separators between sets of folders would be welcome. Also, different management of my folders and bookmarks, like in Windows explorer (yes, like in Firefox, too) is highly advisable. The drag and drop method as it is now is a problem -> can’t organize large sets of bookmarks and quickly reorganize my stuff.

I realize it’s just an early stage so can’t really complain. Just a suggestion. If you take it into consideration and implement in the future, I’m sure it can make the life of many people much easier and make some newcomers stay with Brave.


I would really love this as well. The Firefox bookmark features are a paradigm for all browsers.

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