Please Change the Ctrl+Q hotkey


I love the web browser but i seriously think the Ctrl+Q hotkey to close the entire browser needs to be changes to Ctrl+Shift+Q or something… I always use the Ctrl+W hotkey to close tabs when i’m done with them but the Q key is right next to the W key so I’ve accidentally hit that so many times instead and just ended up closing/losing everything.


Hi @tyman5125,

I’m sorry for that inconvenience. It also happen to me a few times so I know what you feel.

I’m not sure if Brave will change the shortcut. But in the future, Brave user will have ability to change the shortcuts. Related thread Disable Ctrl+Q?.

Or maybe it’ll better than current behavior if Warn before quit feature is implemented. :slight_smile:

And sadly no ETA on these two feature yet.


Good news about users in the future being able to change the shortcuts. Any idea of when “in the future” would be? I’m hoping by the next update, not next month or next year.

The ALT + left arrow to go back an active page in the browser is inconvenient. I want to be able to use the common method of hitting the backspace key.


See this one :arrow_down:


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