Please can you give us an option to remove the "search tabs" feature in the taskbar

I hate it. It’s distracting an annoying, and really unnecessary for me. I don’t like having new features forced upon us, especially not when tacky and in your face.


apparently it was possible to disable using flags, but even that was removed. What the actual f*ck guys. Unacceptable.


they removed flags for this and flags for disabling Hover Tabs, it’s really annoying… I thought Brave’s idea was to get away from big companies forcing stuff on you but at the same time keeping the good features

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Voice your opinion over here:

It’s not the devs fault, Brave is built on chromium.

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I can’t believe this is still here? Do the guys at Brave listen and respond ever? Remove this abomination asap

This has already been requested – issue can be viewed on Github here: