Please answer me

I didnt receive my rewards some months and never receive the amount that was promised by your program, could you please check it?
9 confirmed , and I receive like I had only 1 …

Hi @GypsyTano - can you share a screenshot of your Stats panel?

here is the screenshot, now what?

Hi @GypsyTano - I’m seeing that you were paid out 28.8899 as a part of the January settlement. Is that incorrect?

I got 9 confirmed from spain, 28 bat would be like 1.
Check it please

hello? are you there?

Checking now @GypsyTano

Hi @GypsyTano - I’m running into an internal server issue trying to load your account. The team is working on a fix, but I won’t be able to give you an answer today, but I assure you that I’ll follow up first thing tomorrow morning and get you answer.

Hi friend. My tablet also does not update, although in the statistics graph all downloads for the month were confirmed

Hi @GypsyTano,

I’m seeing a total of 188.76 BAT paid out for the 9 referrals.

I thought that it was monthly, ok then.

Also I had 25 installed since more than a month and it doesnt update it.

Ty for support.