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What does Brave currently use for its adblock list, or where can I see the adblock list currently implemented in Brave?

In the adblock settings, in the custom filters section, can I put additional filter lists or just domains from the lists? Say I want to add ublock origin filters or Disconnect filters, would placing them there work using the url to the list or placing the content in the lists?

What do you guys use to block phishing and malware? Is it Google Safebrowsing or something custom?

Are the extensions packaged with Brave or are they downloaded from another source when enabling them?

Brave for Android is created from a fork of chromium or firefox for android?

Brave for Windows is a fork of Chromium, Electron, or created from a fork of a fork of electron?

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Hi @Big_Poppa,

I’m trying to answer your questions. Hope I can explain it well. Will cc @alex and @sriram for additional answer and correction.

A1. Brave use filters from the AdBlock Easylist and uBlock Origin filter lists. You can see the adblock list in this link More info: All about Ad Blocking on GitHub.

A2. Yes, you can add custom filters. Filter is described in Adblock Plus filter syntax. Not sure about adding uBO or Disconnect filters.

A3. @alex? Re: phising and malware block.

A4. The extensions is downloaded when user enable it. It’s fetched from AWS (IIRC), and installed. But until you explicitly ask for them, they’re not present on your machine. Exceptions are PDF.js and Torrent extensions that on by default

A5. For Android, it’s Chromium fork.

A6. For desktop, it’s based on Chromium. And Muon (Brave own fork of Electron).

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A1. Thanks for the github link

A2. Okay, so I can only follow the adblock syntax and placing only domains. Looking at the all about ad blocking link, I can see from I don’t even need a plugin like disconnect or using the disconnect filters in ublock origin when using Brave.

A3. Alright I want to just know if its something custom or not, and possibly see the list.

A4. Okay just wondering about that.

A5. Kay

A6. Kay, Will keep an eye on the extension apis you guys add to Muon.

No thank you buddy!


For safebrowsing Brave uses crowdsourced blacklists from Spam404 and to block dangerous domains.

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It does help thanks.


Ah, now I remember this one. Read it somewhere but forgot about it. :smiley:

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