Please alphabetize the password list like Chrome does, to allow quicker access to what you need

It’s a chore to find the password I need in a listing that is random rather than alphabetized. It would be a real time-saver if it were in a logical sequence.

Brave password manager orders the password alphanumerically.
First by site, and if sites have multiple logins then it will use Username to arrange the little group of logins in the same domain, done from 0-9 and then a-z.

Also there is a filter bar you can use to easily find passwords in both, Desktop and Android.

So it is hard to know what you are talking about, unless it was a OS specific issue, you should get a new user data, fill it with some fake sites and passwords and truly show the problem, because it doesn’t make sense what you are posting especially if you tag if as feature request.

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@IllinoisNightWalker I’m going to double down on what Emi was saying, though will rephrase in case it helps you to see it.

There’s a search bar on top. Type in the name of the site you’re looking for and it will filter out the rest. It’s actually very quick.


The passwords are in alphabetical order. But you may miss the logic behind some of the listings. Let’s look at a random screenshot below:

Captures 7_25_2023 16_44_53

It can appear to go from

Then in another spot it goes


You argue that it’s not alphabetical order, right? Except you’re missing what it’s sorting. It sorts by primary domain rather than any prefix or anything. So is just in terms of it being sorted. Just as and both belong to and are sorted out as such.

So yes, it can seem out of order if you see things like below:


But if you ignore the “prefixes” and look at just the actual domain, you’ll see it fits. is just So it will sort them primary by domain and then by the rest of the info.

Correct as @Saoiray explains, by site it means domain, because Chromium doesn’t care about subdomains at all, and brave password manager behaves the same as Chromium.

You can easily see this in new Chromium password UI chrome://flags/#password-manager-redesign in Brave needs chrome://flags/#passwords-grouping to be enables as well to work.

But I got a screenshot, to better show how Brave password manager works.
You can easily see how uppercase usernames will be arranged first, and how subdomains don’t matter when multiple logins exist in a domain.
and then we have is put before example.a, and then example.a before

and for the uppercased usernames will go first than the lowercased ones. But everything works as expected here.

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Thank you for explaining how it’s sorted. In understand and withdraw my request.

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