Please add TAB MIX PLUS for Firefox


Someone requested this back in March but it was closed because it wasn’t described very well.

Tab Mix Plus is a very powerful tab management tool in Firebox. I have yet to find ANY web browser that can natively force a new tab to open for every kind of URL link, search bar query and URL bar entry. This is especially useful for research and keeping a tab trail of your research. ALL other browsers require someone to manually open a new tab before entering a new search, web address or requiring you to right click on a link to choose “Open in new tab.” This add-on automates all of that so you don’t accidentally lose a website before moving onto the next search.
This is indispensable for people who heavily research things all day long.


Hi @bradleonard,

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The extension is requested and listed here

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Absolutely yes, this extension is a must indeed! Yes, please add! Thanks :slight_smile:

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