Please add search modifiers like "filetype:pdf,html,docx", "", etc

Would like to have (at least I couldn’t find any documentation) on search modifiers much like DDG “filetype:xyz” and “” (It does appear that brave search supports “” but I can’t find any documentation on it).



Or if someone can point me to any documentation for Brave.

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Hi, I don’t have any answer for you, I found you because I just realized that there is a bug when you search something using “filetype:svg” filter. It throws 403 Error with a message: “Your request has been refused by the server.”

The file extension seems it doesn’t matter. It is server-side bug so it event doesn’t matter what browser I use (tried Brave and FF so far).

How to reproduce:

just click on this link:

I think this is related to your post so I won’t create a new bug report… Brave Search is still in beta anyway so I think someone is just testing new filtering functions. But maybe someone from the search team will notice this.

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Came here to request same feature, they did add “site:” it seems, but “filetype:” gives me the following error:

Your request has been refused by the server.

  • If you are accessing this page from Tor, try changing the exit node.
  • If you are accessing this page from a popular VPN service, try to switch to a different server or region.

came to request the same feature!
yandex uses mime:pdf/docx/xlsx – would also be an acceptable modifier

Please add search modifiers like omit a word or phase. this will greatly improve search results

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